Talking Delivery Roundup #2: What Artificial Intelligence Can Do For Project Management


This week’s Talking Delivery Roundup centers around Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence capability for Portfolio and Project Management (PPM). According to Gartner, by 2030 AI will takeover 80% of the tasks involved in project management. A human person is still needed to facilitate teams, communicate status and escalate issues, but “AI-enabled PPM” can help reduce mundane project tasks (analytics gathering and reporting) that often bog down a project manager’s time. A lot of the literature suggests that ML/AI for project management is best suited  for projects that are large in scale and repeatable in order to create proper training sets for prediction models.

The strengths of AI-enabled PPM is in a model’s ability to:

  1. Assess risk probability by calculating true total cost and investment returns
  2. Utilize Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to manage mundane PM tasks such as task tracking and alerts
  3. Perform resource optimization and scheduling.
  4. Analyze project data quickly and providing recommendations to improve project performance

Companies such as Planview and Autodesk are making investments in AI-enabled PPM to better streamline project management workflow and risk assessments through acquisitions of companies who have built these AI PPM platforms.

Here is a roundup of articles detailing the growing trend in ML/AI for project management.

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  • Gartner Press Release for AI capability in Project Management by 2020: Link
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  • An example of how Forecast is using AI in it’s platform solution to assist in project management: Link
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Published on August 21, 2020

Starr Corbin is the Founding Partner of Corbin Solutions Group. Follow her on LinkedIn and Twitter @StarrCorbin.

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